Individual Counseling:

We are each a different universe - and in order to cross the bridge and travel to each other's worlds, we need a map. I guide individuals to connect with themselves and their loved ones, couples to connect with each other, and families to navigate their multiple worlds, in powerful new ways. 

Couples Therapy:

90 minute- 3 hour sessions  
 I am a teacher, in these sessions, I teach rituals and you practice to:
-Develop healthy communication skills.
-Learn the art of "presenting."
-Learn how to remain in connection even in the face of difficult topics. 
-Revive passion for each other and bring your vitality back.
-Process implicit stories and traumas.
 Half day or One Day Intensive Sessions: 
 An excellent choice for out of town couples who 
 -Desire an intensive experience of transformation rather than in weekly sessions. 
-Dealing with a major rupture such as an affair. Having the time and space of full day sessions can provide the intensive support needed to propel you out of despair and disconnection and into healing and connection.  
People who want to process old narratives and traumas in an intensive one day structure.

Conscious Uncoupling 
Letting Go and Saying Goodbye: 
 Say Good-Bye to a phase of your relationship that is ending
 • Say your good-byes in a mature, gentle and healing ritual
 • Move forward with mutual respect and energy to embrace the next chapter of your lives
Coherence Coaching
Individuals who would like to gain some clarity about the nature of the root cause of their reactivity, can come to a few rapid resolution inspired sessions, By finding the implicit and hidden reasons of their own repeated and unwanted behavior, they can find the missing link between their own logical mind and the illogical emotional brain.


In my parenting workshops at schools like ACES and Miami Country Day, each participant will process their individual concerns, practicing the skills to understand and dissolve communication hurdles. Participants leave feeling relieved and empowered to have clear and loving communication with their children. Parents learn from one another as well in the community setting, struggling with similar issues of parenting in today's world.

Each session, whether individual or community-based workshop, is hands-on and filled with transformative potential, based on the latest findings in psychology and neurobiology.  I help you find your inner wisdom to chart your own map. 

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