Elahe Mehrel:

Elahe founded the Art of Parenting after 24 years of guiding families to move from disconnection toward conscious communication. Elahe is certified by the International Living Values Program, STEP, Guardian Ad Leitem, Conscious Discipline, EcCT (Hedy Schleifer's Encounter-centered Couples Therapy), and Rapid Resolution Therapy. Elahe counsels individuals, couples, and families privately. She also leads workshops with families and schools, integrating Schleifer's 3 Invisible Connectors to guide participants towards their own generative growth. Experiencing the unique rituals of EcCT will enable you to travel the highway between heart and brain, and to connect with each other.

Participants rave: 
"I shared a moment of true connection with my child like never before."
"I have been filled with positivity and hope since Elahe’s workshop."
“One session was more helpful than 2 years of therapy for me”.
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