Crossing the Magical Bridge to Freedom 


     Elahe Mehrel  EcCT  
Individual counseling, Couples therapy, Parent coaching

Private Sessions available
for individuals, couples, or families

Workshops at:
The Sacred Space Miami 
Miami Country Day School 

We are each a different universe - and in order to cross the bridge and travel to each other's worlds, we need a map. In this interactive workshop, I guide parents to reach their children in powerful new ways. 

In a community-setting of parents, each participant will process their individual concerns, practicing the skills to understand and dissolve communication hurdles. Participants leave this workshop feeling relieved and empowered to have clear and loving communication with their children. 

Each workshop is hands-on and filled with transformative potential, based on the latest findings in psychology and neurobiology. Parents learn from one another as well in the community setting, struggling with similar issues of parenting in today's world. Our workshops help them access their inner wisdom to chart their own maps to their children. 

What I will offer during the various workshops:
The 4 principles:
1- The sacredness of the relational space. 
Becoming aware of emotional pollution and the remedies for them.

2- Our biography is in every step that we take.
We examine our habits and beliefs and emotional scars. 
We can not heal what we have not felt. We certainly do not want to give our wounds as a legacy to our children .

3- Bewildering behavior is an existential cry for help
How to respond to our loved ones’ existential cry for help and heal it.

4- Every conflict is an opportunity for two gifts. We learn how to unwrap these precious gifts.
A recurring conflict brings 90% of its energy from a story that has not been told. Our loved ones trigger us.
 We invite each other to look at the spots we are stuck and find freedom, in safety.
Every session is interactive and filled with Transformational experiences.
We practice our new skills and learn from each other's wisdom. 
21 century parenting is exciting and challenging. We need to be generative and creative.
The workshops are based on the latest findings in psychology and neurobiology, will help bring us there.
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